Dubturbo 2.0 Preview

Download Dubturbo To Try For Yourself 

Dubturbo version 2.0 is almost out and I must say it does look amazing. We where actually very lucky to give it a demo as a beta tester and compared to Dubturbo 1.5 this is going to shack the music software world, especially if they keep the price the same as it is now.

However, they are talking about increasing the price(we hope they don’t). After talking to the owner of Dubturbo I can honestly say his goal is to keep it affordable so anyone can start making their own beats.

At this stage they have a deal going and it is available only for a limited time – if you buy Dubturbo 1.5 before the release date you will receive 2.0 for free. Jumping on this now will ensure you get it for the lowest price because like I said the price will be going up after they release 2.0

Download Dubturbo To Try For Yourself 

Hope you like the video preview and we can not wait until they release v2.0