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DJ SonicX Mixer

Experience what it's like to be a DJ the fun way by playing this cool DJ game called DJ Sonicx Mixer. Mix some loops and drums together to make sime kickin beats.
Play DJ Sonicx Mixer


DJ Sheepwolf Mixer 3

Mix and make your own hip hop tracks using the Fantasy Dj studio..Awesome game for any music lover. Play it now free online.
Play Fantasy DJ Beat Maker - Hip Hop Beats Edition Game


DJ Sheepwolf Mixer 3

This is no ordinary music game..This is Fantasy DJ and if you love techno your going to love Fantasy DJ Beat Maker - Techno Beats Edition
Play Fantasy DJ Beat Maker - Techno Beats Edition Game


DJ Sheepwolf Mixer 3

Fancy yourself as a DJ? Well test out your DJ mixing skills in this cool beat making game called DJ Sheepwolf Mixer 3
DJ Sheepwolf Mixer 3


DJ Fest V2 Music Game

Are you a DJ in the making? Find out and play this cool DJ Mixing Music Game...Very addictive and cool beats.
Play DJ Fest 2


daft punk game

Remix the awesome song Stronger, Harder Faster by Daft Punk in Daft Punk Keymixer 2. Crazy beats
Play Daft Punk Keymixer 2


piano rock 10 game

Rock out on the piano by playing Piano Rock 10. Make music by pressing piano keys and by using the beat maker.
Piano Rock 10


DJ Sheepwolf Game

The ultiamte beat making game. Make your beats online using this fun music game, free.
Play DJ Sheepwolf Mixer


Piano Sim 2.0

Play around and have fun with this cool piano simulator. If you like to play the piano then you will love this music game.
Play Piano Sim 2.0


drum hero 2010

Make sick beats on the drums playing this drum hero game. Hit the right beats to make a wicked beat.
Play Drum Hero 2010